Is MTV Glorifying Teen Pregnancy?

Pretty much every “mom blog” on the internet has been buzzing about Teen Mom and whether or not their teenagers are contemplating getting pregnant because it could be a fast track to their 15 minutes of fame. What happened to wanting to get pregnant to keep the loser boyfriend from breaking up with you? Shucks, I miss the old days….

Don’t get me wrong, I watch Teen Mom, 16 and Pregnant and all that jazz. But I’m 23. By no means settled enough to care for a child, but I have a high school diploma and I’ve been to college. And to be honest, those poor teenagers are the best form of birth control I’ve used in a really, really long time.

So here’s the question, are these television shows as effective to other 16 year olds? Are silly band-clad teenieboppers finding it as unattractive as I? Or is MTV glamorizing and encouraging teen pregnancy?

As far as statistics go, the answer is no. Teen pregnancy is on the decline. But! But! What about those bright and intelligent high school girls in Massachusetts who started a pregnancy pact club after watching the show! I saw that movie on Lifetime not too long ago! MTV totally made those girls want to do that! Pull your panties out of your butt, the whole controversy happened 2 years before the first episode of 16 and Pregnant even aired. Those dumb girls came up with the brilliant idea all by their lonesome.

Here’s what I think; kids with bad parenting, poor and/or inaccurate sex education, or no access to safe birth control methods are going to do dumb shit, regardless if MTV makes a TV show about it or not. For the most part, 16 year old girls want to go to prom, graduate high school, and then sleep with frat boys when they get to college. A TV show isn’t going to change that. Besides, if we really worried about reality television influencing our youth, we’d have a bunch more gay fashion designers, chefs, wannabe models and dancers and fewer pregnant teenagers, which would be a-ok with me!


2 responses to “Is MTV Glorifying Teen Pregnancy?

  1. Teen pregnancy has always been an issue. Mostly due to poor education by parents and school districts. For goodness sakes when I was growing up our parents told us that the stork brought us and we bought into it!
    School districts who preach/teach abstinance only have the highest teen pregnancy rates. i.e. Longmont CO a few years ago. Now Denver (DPS) is considering the same.
    I believe that not only teens but all woman need to think hard when they are consdering getting pregnant or continuing a pregnancy they may not have planned.
    We all know lots of mothers who should have never been.
    Lucky for you Ms Gracie, you came from 2 smart parents and it seems to have rubbed off.
    Also, perhaps, we shouldn’t watch these bizarro reality shows in the first place! Any of them…………..Good luck with your blog.

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