Saturday night I made the trip down to Denver for some big city fun. I love living in Boulder because I like to go to bars where I play darts and drink pitchers of PBR and that’s the norm. I hate getting gussied up and getting shoved around by dudes trying to order a drink. But every now and then it’s fun, I guess, to go do something different… right?

Well that was the plan for Saturday night and don’t get me wrong, by the end of the night when we finally met up with our group of friends, we had a baller time. But getting there meant going to my two least favorite bars in Denver first: The Gin Mill and Brother’s Bar. Now Gin Mill isn’t THAT bad, especially since I’m used to the Walrus in Boulder. And they have popcorn. I like popcorn. But Brother’s Bar, that’s a whole ‘nother story. I don’t know what it is. Do they have a neon sign outside that I missed that says, “Chad’s and Skanks! Come to this bar! Your people and all the douchiness that comes along with you are welcome here!”

I got pushed, shoved, stepped on, and overall abused. And you know what else? Not one guy hit on me either. So I say to Brother’s Bar, “Screw you.”

Now here is a picture of my cat looking oh so cuddly and soft and not at all evil (except you can still kind of see the darkness in her eyes):


One response to “Chads

  1. Kitty still looks a LITTLE evil. Still love her though!

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