Oh em gee you guys….

…. I totally forgot to tell you this!

I fell down the stairs to the basement at my parent’s house on Saturday. I couldn’t find the light and I was carrying a heavy basket of laundry when all of a sudden my stupid brother’s backpack jumped out and attacked me. And then I was all “ahhhhhh!” *roll* *thump*

And then my mom goes, “Eeeeee! Gracie are you ok?” (She like, really screamed).

And I was all, “I’m fine, MOM.”

I drew this reenactment:


2 responses to “Oh em gee you guys….

  1. Oh em gee! Stupid inanimate objects. I had a similar incident with a tree. Let’s start a support group: victims of evil inanimate object attacks.

    • Oh em gee can we pleeeeease? You can be the mayor and I’ll be the CEO. We’ll hold meetings out of devil kitteh’s dungeon and she’ll make us lemonade and cookies.

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