Advice for Guys

As previously stated, I recently broke up with my boyfriend and offered some pointers on how to be single. Unfortunately for you guys (fortunately for me) I haven’t had many new “incidents” to fill a whole blog post for the second edition of “Gracie’s Guide to Being Single.” Instead, I got to thinking about, if I do meet a new guy in my journey, what kind of guy I’m looking for. And not just physical traits like tall, dark, handsome, or Justin Timberlake’s twin. Or personality traits for that matter, sense of humor, awesomeness, kindness, etc. No, I’ve been thinking about boyfriend traits. And so, I present to you all, the top 10 things all women want from their boyfriends. Guys- you’re welcome.

  1. Introduce her to your friends as “some chick.” Girls love cute nicknames.
  2. Tell her she reminds you of your mother. Women always love their mother in-laws.
  3. When she asks how her outfit looks, just shrug. It will keep her on her toes.
  4. Never pay for dinner. We absolutely love spoiling our men.
  5. Demand to see her emails and text messages. That way she’ll know how much you care about her.
  6. If you love her, never EVER tell her. Once a woman knows how you feel she’ll lose interest.
  7. Don’t buy your girlfriend presents. Just tell her that your love each and every day is enough of a present. But remind her what size shoe you wear so she can get you a new pair of Dunks for Christmas.
  8. Make her laugh. If she has a small animal, kick it. I think that’s funny, she will too.
  9. Forget her birthday. That way she’ll make an extra big deal about remembering yours.
  10. Play with her hair. Hard.

I’m totally swooning over the man that will treat me this way!


2 responses to “Advice for Guys

  1. #11: Skip the foreplay, women hate that.

    -Bianca and the Girls with Prius Envy

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