You Can Take My Picture!

My thoughts on the new TSA regulations that are all the buzz these days: (If you haven’t read up, click here.)

I love a good frisk as much as the next gal (hey, I’m a little desperate these days…), but I think I will opt for the full body X-Ray scan next time I fly. And then ask them to print out a life-sized copy so I can take it home, frame it and put it up above my bed, which is near my fireplace and bearskin rug. My body is beautiful, why deny the world the opportunity to experience it? I pretty much only eat foods I can microwave and I love to stand in front and watch them spin around and heat up. So the whole radiation thing isn’t a concern, you environmental weirdos….

What are y’all going to choose? Get felt up by the hot-ish/scary TSA chick (I’m talking to you ladies) or let the whole world see what your mama gave you?


5 responses to “You Can Take My Picture!

  1. ummmmm yeah, i cant wait to showw off the goods tonight at security!!

  2. Hi Gracie!
    Kevin Johns shared your blog with me, likely because I had something similar in mind when I wrote mine, although coming from slightly older woman’s perspective!

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