What I’m thankful for this year

I love Thanksgiving. Well usually I do. Until this year. Being on a diet the last Thursday of November is going to be quite possibly the worst thing in the entire world. But you really have to cut back on calories if you want to look like this:
I realized I have been getting too distracted by how much Thanksgiving will suck this year that I haven’t been focusing enough on the things I am thankful for. To get myself in the spirit, I went back and found what I was thankful for last year:

“This year I am thankful for zippers, that Pauly Shore is no longer making movies, the platypus, pockets, toilet paper, that I never went for a sleepover at Neverland Ranch, and my awkward turtle.” –Gracie 2009

I’d say that was pretty accurate for then and for now. The only one I’m a little confused about is, “That Pauly Shore is no longer making movies,” I’m not sure where that one came from, I mean he’s annoying and all but he coined one of my favorite catch phrases, “Max, look! It’s the leaning tower of Cheesa!”

Not that those things above don’t still count because they do, don’t worry platypus, but let’s go ahead and add a few more.

What I’m thankful for this year:

  • My crazy family
  • My friends who let me talk their ears off about the most random topics
  • The fact that Devil Kitteh hasn’t killed me in my sleep, yet
  • Naps
  • Finding the inspiration to write again
  • The people who have nothing better to do than to hang out with me
  • Cheese. Yup, definitely cheese.
  • My breasts that seem to inspire generations
  • Yellow
  • The bum that told me I was pretty last week
  • Having the stupidest roommate on earth 🙂

What are y’all thankful for?


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