My friend Kevin

So one of my best friends’ name is Kevin. And he, jokingly, said I should write a post about him. So I decided to do just that and post some poetry I wrote about him.

But first, a little bit about Kevin:

  • He lives in DC
  • He went skinny dipping in the reflection pool (yeah, THE reflection pool in which Forrest and Jenny were reunited in Forest Gump)
  • He promised to take me ice skating at Rockefeller plaza and hold my hand so I don’t fall
  • He’s really easy to make fun of, but he’ll be twice as mean back
  • He’s bff’s with Kevin Durant (but calls him Kady, pronounced K-D)
  • His favorite date spot is the taco truck on Tuesdays
  • He used to have a Twilight poster hanging in his bedroom
  • He’s quite possibly one of the most awesome people I know (but don’t tell him I said that)
  • He has funnier, more awkward, and perverse dating stories than I could ever pretend to try to come up with

So here it goes:

I have a friend named Kevin, who more often goes by KJ

And I think he’s really….. I know something that rhymes with J but I just can’t put my finger on it… hmm what is it?

J rhymes with lay, pay, say… no those aren’t the words I’m looking for.

Darn. I guess I’ll forgo the rhyming and write a few Haikus instead.

Haikus for KJ

“Small Hands”
Small hands, touch many
Can get in lots of small spots
Small hands mean warm heart

Kevin is special
But we love him anyways
Right? Hey you guys, right?

Black and white picture
Takes his sexiness to a
Whole other level

“Such a big boy”
Our little big man
With the whole world ahead
Has not changed that much…

Olive Juice KJ! I hope you love your blog posting!


One response to “My friend Kevin

  1. Love it! KJ is quite special…. but very loveable at that. I want a post about meeeee now. meow.

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