Enriching Activities

My mom has been on me about finding “enriching activities to find other single young professionals.” I swear the woman is treating me like I’m a 37 year old hag, never married and single. Always the bridesmaid never the bride. She found this section of the newspaper that has all sorts of activities like group hikes and book readings. Her favorite is the “Beer Appreciation” class.

“Imagine how many young men you’ll meet!”
“Mom, I’m not going to pay to take that. I could teach that class. I don’t know a single person who appreciates beer more than I do…”

I love my mama and I understand her heart is in the right place, but I’m 23 and almost three quarters (clearly not immature) and I’ve been single for TWO MONTHS. Let me breath woman!

However, I did agree to sign up for a “Spanish for busy adults” class. Not to meet men, but because Spanish is awesome. Basically, I don’t think the little bit I learned from working at bagel shops and restaurants is sufficient… “Tienes novio?” And “Cierra la Boca!” Or “Me llamo Gracie. No, no LOCA. Con G. GRRRACIE.”



One response to “Enriching Activities

  1. 23!!! Stay single for a long time and enjoy the F-U-N!!

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