Bloody Harbringer of Doom

Considering it’s holiday season with Thanksgiving behind us and Christmas ahead and a lot of people are traveling to and from DIA around this time, I decided to pull out an old throwback post from the Really Grinds My Gears days….

You know what really grinds my gears?

The big, scary, weird-ass Blue Bronco that stands tall outside of DIA.

(This posting might not apply to you if you haven’t flown in/out of Denver in a while or in my case just taken someone/people who is/are flying in/out…//////) My pal Sam and I have made quite a few trips to the airport in the past couple of months and it always seems to be at night when we pass the scary horse-monster with red laser eyes ready to kill anyone who dares to approach DIA and always have the same exact reaction: Seriously, what the phuck?!?! I’ve started to put out a disclaimer to any out-of-town friends coming in saying,

‘Hey, when you leave the airport, can you do me a solid and not make any snap judgments about my entire state based on any freaky equine statues you happen to spot? That’d be rad, thanks.’

Because nothing says ‘Welcome to Colorado’ like the diabolical horse that gives grown men nightmares.

And upon further investigation, I discovered that this scary demon-horse apparently killed it’s creator. Yeah. The artist that was working on the anatomically correct (yup, HUGE BALLS) “piece of artwork” got crushed to death when it fell on top of him. Pure evil people, I tell ya. Someday it’s going to come alive and punish us all for any lapses of faith we’ve ever had in the Denver Broncos and smother us too with his testicles.




One response to “Bloody Harbringer of Doom

  1. bahaha I can’t wait to see this ugly monster tonight! G, you are cracking me up

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