Victoria is keeping her secret this year

The big “V” day is coming up. The day that shall not be named for some. The best day of the year for others. It seems like there are just two different perspectives on the whole Valentine’s Day debacle.

Even Pandora radio understands that

After interviewing a bunch of independent subjects, in a formal case study (aka my friends on gchat), I found that it’s pretty simple.

The “Valentine’s Day Sucks” Crowd
-“It’s a scam. But at least you get some suga”
-“I’m not a big VDay person, I like it to eat candy and stuff, but I think it’s stupid to show you love someone for just one day.”
-“It could not be more pointless, I will show a girl I love her by treating her like shit on valentine’s day and treating her well the other 364”

The “others”
-“I really like it when I’m in a relationship”
-“I just like getting presents, I don’t care what the occasion is”
-“Any reason to eat chocolate is okay by me.”

Alls I know is, as a friend of mine once said, “I just love love.” It’s true, I love love, too. But I don’t need a hot air balloon ride (though it would be AWESOME), an $80 bouquet of sunflowers, or an expensive dinner date. However, homemade chocolates, a book of Kerouac poetry, or a home cooked purely veg meal by in incompetent cook and meat-eater? Hells yeah, I have to say I’ve had some creative guys in my life around February 14th. Hanging out and showing love to the person you like spending time with at that time your life, nothing is wrong there in my book. So I guess I’d categorize myself as an “other,” considering when I’m dating a guy, he will usually at the very least receive an SI Swimsuit edition and a smackaroo and if my bank account is healthy, perhaps a lil somethin’ somethin’ from Vikky S’s.

Yes, I am the coolest girlfriend ever.

This year however, I’m buying the magazine for Kassity for her birthday, NOT as a Valentine’s Day gift. And I’ll give it to her when we’re in the theater about to watch the bieber movie in 3D. And if she’s really lucky, maybe that little extra something too. Shhh don’t tell her. (And we wonder why people think we’re dating….)

So romantical...


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