Why being weird is totally awesome.

I’m continuing to try to expand the “Why blank is totally awesome” section of my blog, enjoy:

Why being weird is totally awesome.

As a blogger, I read lots of other blogs. One of the things that bloggers seem to love to do is talk about how weird they are. “I’m so bizarre! I like the Garden State Soundtrack and The Royal Tenenbaums. I do odd things like smell my own farts and say awkward things at awkward times!” To me, you just sound like a normal, smelly hipster, which I suppose by transitive properties means you are also a weirdo, but I digress. Being weird isn’t unique, though the strange little oddities that make us all quirky is what in turn, makes us unique.

My point is we’re all a little weird. And I like to think that I have the weirdest, most awesome friends of all. They forgive me for carrying around cans of cat food and tomato soup in my purse. They have finally embraced my ninja obsession instead of being appalled by it. One friend even suggested we go to Ninja Night at a local karate place (!!!). They’ve also finally stopped gawking at the songs I make up and sing for Devil Kitteh and are actually excited about my Cheese and Whiskey birthday party.

Um, yes please.

Now why are they all so understanding? Maybe it’s because they believe in ghosts, want that perfect figure (as a guy), baby talk to their dog (or talk to their dog like a grown human being that will eventually, one day respond), do scorpion kicks, love panda bears, speak in made up languages, steal soup spoons, have obsessions with beans, and come up with things like MVBieber… mind you, these are my friends in their 20’s and 30’s. And you know what? They’re awesome. Because being weird is totally normal and totally awesome.



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