Journey of Discovery

There are a lot of crazy things going on in our world today. Political unrest in many countries, the fact that CU got snubbed from the Big Dance, and of course, in all seriousness, the terrible, terrible tragedy in Japan.

So what do we do? Do we say “Phuck it,” and throw in the towel and stop caring? Ok seriously, any of you who are actually contemplating that as a real option need to take a chill pill and go pet some kittens and run through fields of flowers, ok? No but seriously, there are still a lot of really awesome things out there in the world and really awesome people. Take my friend Mere for example. Her passion is our oceans. She really loves them. I mean who doesn’t? I hate sand, but that’s a whole different story… Anyways, she really wants to write an educational children’s book about the importance of keeping our oceans clean. You gotta catch those little buggers when they’re young and impressionable and that’s exactly what she’s going to do.

Awwwww makes you sick it's so cute, huh?

I know, awesome idea, right? And you totally want to know how you can help? Well, lucky for you she’s fundraising through this great website called Enough of me blabbering on about it, CLICK HERE, to hear more from Mere herself, check out the video, and if you are able to, donate to this great cause. Remember people, a little goes a long way and it all adds up!

Thanks for my promo blog post this week, we’ll be back to the humor in no time.


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