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Journey of Discovery

There are a lot of crazy things going on in our world today. Political unrest in many countries, the fact that CU got snubbed from the Big Dance, and of course, in all seriousness, the terrible, terrible tragedy in Japan.

So what do we do? Do we say “Phuck it,” and throw in the towel and stop caring? Ok seriously, any of you who are actually contemplating that as a real option need to take a chill pill and go pet some kittens and run through fields of flowers, ok? No but seriously, there are still a lot of really awesome things out there in the world and really awesome people. Take my friend Mere for example. Her passion is our oceans. She really loves them. I mean who doesn’t? I hate sand, but that’s a whole different story… Anyways, she really wants to write an educational children’s book about the importance of keeping our oceans clean. You gotta catch those little buggers when they’re young and impressionable and that’s exactly what she’s going to do.

Awwwww makes you sick it's so cute, huh?

I know, awesome idea, right? And you totally want to know how you can help? Well, lucky for you she’s fundraising through this great website called Enough of me blabbering on about it, CLICK HERE, to hear more from Mere herself, check out the video, and if you are able to, donate to this great cause. Remember people, a little goes a long way and it all adds up!

Thanks for my promo blog post this week, we’ll be back to the humor in no time.


You Can Take My Picture!

My thoughts on the new TSA regulations that are all the buzz these days: (If you haven’t read up, click here.)

I love a good frisk as much as the next gal (hey, I’m a little desperate these days…), but I think I will opt for the full body X-Ray scan next time I fly. And then ask them to print out a life-sized copy so I can take it home, frame it and put it up above my bed, which is near my fireplace and bearskin rug. My body is beautiful, why deny the world the opportunity to experience it? I pretty much only eat foods I can microwave and I love to stand in front and watch them spin around and heat up. So the whole radiation thing isn’t a concern, you environmental weirdos….

What are y’all going to choose? Get felt up by the hot-ish/scary TSA chick (I’m talking to you ladies) or let the whole world see what your mama gave you?

Vote for Pedro!

Today, my fellow Americans, I urge you to vote.

Vote YES on Proposition 666. If passed it will give all red blooded patriots the right to kick the shins of any women who has gained any sort of fame or fortune from the Bravo series, “Real Housewives.”

Please also vote on Proposition 200001 which would allow for electric currents to be sent through politicians everytime they lie.

And finally, please vote for Wyclef Jean as the new President of Haiti. I really do believe that being an international pop star is perfect preparation for leading a country that is in peril and dismay. “Gone til November 2010!”


Is MTV Glorifying Teen Pregnancy?

Pretty much every “mom blog” on the internet has been buzzing about Teen Mom and whether or not their teenagers are contemplating getting pregnant because it could be a fast track to their 15 minutes of fame. What happened to wanting to get pregnant to keep the loser boyfriend from breaking up with you? Shucks, I miss the old days….

Don’t get me wrong, I watch Teen Mom, 16 and Pregnant and all that jazz. But I’m 23. By no means settled enough to care for a child, but I have a high school diploma and I’ve been to college. And to be honest, those poor teenagers are the best form of birth control I’ve used in a really, really long time.

So here’s the question, are these television shows as effective to other 16 year olds? Are silly band-clad teenieboppers finding it as unattractive as I? Or is MTV glamorizing and encouraging teen pregnancy?

As far as statistics go, the answer is no. Teen pregnancy is on the decline. But! But! What about those bright and intelligent high school girls in Massachusetts who started a pregnancy pact club after watching the show! I saw that movie on Lifetime not too long ago! MTV totally made those girls want to do that! Pull your panties out of your butt, the whole controversy happened 2 years before the first episode of 16 and Pregnant even aired. Those dumb girls came up with the brilliant idea all by their lonesome.

Here’s what I think; kids with bad parenting, poor and/or inaccurate sex education, or no access to safe birth control methods are going to do dumb shit, regardless if MTV makes a TV show about it or not. For the most part, 16 year old girls want to go to prom, graduate high school, and then sleep with frat boys when they get to college. A TV show isn’t going to change that. Besides, if we really worried about reality television influencing our youth, we’d have a bunch more gay fashion designers, chefs, wannabe models and dancers and fewer pregnant teenagers, which would be a-ok with me!

Mmmmm green beer

This was originally posted Oct. 8, 2010 here

No it’s not St. Patrick’s Day, rather, just last month I attended the Great American Beer Festival held in Denver. My plan of attack? Drink beer. Lots of beer. Oh and did I drink beer, more beer than I ever knew existed in fact. I was in beer heaven.  I had honey beer, Christmas beer, chocolate beer, Buddha beer, bitter beer, light beer, dark beer, in between beer. I felt like Dorothy in my own little imaginary beer world; lagers, ambers and stouts, OH MY!

Feeling foggy headed the next day, nursing my hangover, I wondered about the impact that the beer I love oh so much has on Mother Earth. I decided to do my research. Thinking about it on the macro level, the big honcho, Anheuser-Busch (Budweiser, Stella Artois, Michelob, Shock Top, Busch, Rolling Rock to name a few of their brands) churns out about 35 billion 12-ounce servings of bubbly goodness each year. Let’s say that half of that is put into kegs and distributed to bars and restaurants worldwide, leaving 17.5 billion bottles and cans to fill about 1.45 billion cardboard boxes or plastic rings for distribution to liquor stores. Is Anheuser-Busch committed to recycling? Well of course they say they are on their website. But are the 2 billion beer drinkers worldwide as committed? And do you think they consider the gas it takes for their tasty (slash tasteless) Bud Lite to arrive at their local store? And where do the plastic rings go that hold their six-packs together? My guess is into the ocean where they choke baby dolphins. Yup. So it’s clear. Beer sucks for the environment, right? Well, it doesn’t have to.

Let’s take a look at it on a more local level; microbreweries. If the first thought is the shipping and packaging, well microbreweries only suck less because they don’t have the same kind of distribution numbers and are usually only distributing in a somewhat local sphere. But what really makes the micros greener is that they usually have a more macro sense of environmental responsibility. Take Fort Collins based New Belgium Brewing, their dedication to the environment is astounding. With increased efficiencies in the brewing process, utilizing green design throughout their building, implementing a process for treating wastewater, on-site energy production and not to mention that in 1999, they became the largest private consumer of wind-power electricity at that time and the first wind-powered brewery, New Belgium clearly is a star example of beer lovers who love Mother Earth too. Microbreweries are also taking charge by switching distributing via only the aluminum can. I know, it sounds blasphemous, good beer in an aluminum can? Impossible! You’d be eating, or rather drinking, your words if you’ve ever tried Lyon’s based, Oskar Blues’ Mama’s Little Yella Pills in that yellow aluminum can. It is delicious.  Aluminum is recyclable and cans can be back on the shelf with new product within eight weeks.

If you really want to reduce your footprint but you just can’t give up your liquid bread then consider home brewing. With every batch that is made at home, the environment would be spared the impact of 60-70 new aluminum cans or glass bottles. Also, more charge can be taken of the ingredients being used and consumed, with the use of organic barley and hops and supporting chemical and GMO-free sustainable agriculture, which in turn will provide a cleaner tasting, fresher beer with a positive impact. And hey, it’s pretty awesome to invite your friends over, offer them a lable-less bottle and when they say, “Wow, this is good, what is it?” You get to say, “BAM, I made it myself.”

So beer drinkers of planet Earth, drink on. Support your local brewers and have a go at your own batch of wheat beer. Your great-grandkids might be thanking you for it someday.